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U.S. Accuses Wal-Mart of Labor Violations & Anonymous Leaks Internal Anti-Union Documents

The National Labor Relations Board, an independent federal agency tasked with policing bad behavior by employers, is targeting Wal-Mart Stores Inc. over the retail behemoth’s alleged crackdown on its protesting workers.

The complaint, the largest ever against Walmart, refers to charges made in November 2012 during the Black Friday actions by associates speaking out for respect on the job, regular hours and a living wage of $25,000 a year. The complaint alleges Walmart illegally fired and disciplined nearly 70 workers in 34 stores in 14 states for rallying over workplace conditions.

The rallies spread to 100 cities. Nineteen employees were discharged from the company, allegedly as a reprimand for their involvement in the rallies, according to the NLRB.

Wal-Mart is accused of warning its employees of punishment in two news broadcasts televised nationally as well as in statements to Texas and California store employees.

The agency, echoing its November findings, also said that the retailer preemptively threatened, surveilled or lashed out at employees before expected labor activities in California, Florida, Missouri and Texas.

The case is set to go before an administrative law judge on an undetermined hearing date. Wal-Mart has until Jan. 28 to respond.

Making Change at Walmart reported in a press release:

If Walmart is found liable, workers could be awarded back pay, reinstatement and the reversal of disciplinary actions through the decision; and Walmart could be required to inform and educate all employees of their legally protected rights. While historic, the complaint alone is not enough to stop Walmart from violating the law. Since the start of the year, Walmart has continued to retaliate against workers who speak out for better jobs. 

In other news, the Internet group Anonymous leaked a set of Walmart PowerPoints (bottom photos) for managers that included ways to discourage workers from joining a union and how to identify “early warning signs.”

Kory Lundberg, a Walmart spokesman, confirmed the documents are Walmart’s and said they’ve been around for a while.

The PowerPoints also detailed legal ways an employer could discourage workers from organizing (click photo’s for caption).

When I came in for orientation at Walmart, our instructor told us that we would be watching a video on “protecting our signature.” I thought it would be something regarding identity theft. Rather, the whole video was anti-union propaganda. This was the first thing they showed us. Before any job training, company policy, or the like, we were told how evil unions were.

At least two other bloggers (cravingsolace & lemonthyme) have reblogged this post claiming that the Wal-Mart’s they were hired at showed the same anti-union video or were told that “any talk of unions or especially trying to form a union was grounds for termination.

If you currently work at Wal-Mart and you feel that your right’s as a worker has been violated or that the anti-union campaign has discouraged you from organizing labor activities or forming a union, consider making a complaint to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and contact Our Walmart for legal advice and support. 

To All Workers: 

Learn your rights as an employee, including protected labor activities (which expand to non-unionized workers as well). 

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im such a linguistics nerd so i just started thinking of when you start talking to someone new online and you have to learn all their personal tone indicators and what :) or any other smilie actually means to them and how after a while you can tell when something is wrong just because they type something differently than normal and we all just learn and adapt to this type of communication so quickly to make these wonderful online friendships and its kind of amazing

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Though I’ve learnt to tolerate InDesign I’ve not yet come to love it. It feels a bit clunky in comparison to Illustrator.



Queerability Features TASH for Autism Acceptance Month!


Last week, we examined multiple perspectives about why Autism Speaks is problematic and hurtful for autistic people. With that in mind this week, let us take a look at some great organizations that do positive work for the autistic community and are worthy of support! 

The criteria in which we judged an autism-related organization are as follows:

  • Meaningfully includes people on the autism spectrum in top levels of leadership.
  • Affirms the lives of autistic people.
  • Strives towards full inclusion of autistic people in the community. 
  • Financially responsible. 
  • Accepting of LGBTQ people. 

Today’s feature organization is TASH

This is TASH’s Mission Statement

As a leader in disability advocacy for more than 35 years, the mission of TASH is to promote the full inclusion and participation of children and adults with significant disabilities in every aspect of their community, and to eliminate the social injustices that diminish human rights. These things are accomplished through collaboration among self-advocates, families, professionals, policy-makers, advocates and many others who seek to promote equity, opportunity and inclusion. Together, this mission is realized through:

Advocacy for equity, opportunities, social justice and human rights

Education of the public, government officials, community leaders and service providers

Research that translates excellence to practice

Individualized, quality supports in place of congregate and segregated settings and services

Legislation, litigation and public policy consistent with the mission and vision of TASH

The focus of TASH is supporting those people with significant disabilities and support needs who are most at risk for being excluded from society; perceived by traditional service systems as most challenging; most likely to have their rights abridged; most likely to be at risk for living, working, playing and learning in segregated environments; least likely to have the tools and opportunities necessary to advocate on their behalf; and are most likely to need ongoing, individualized supports to participate in inclusive communities and enjoy a quality of life similar to that available to all people.

TASH is accepting of LGBTQ people. 

To donate to TASH click here.

Follow TASH’s social media:

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